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    What is ZCBOT :
    zcbot is an "multi"-IRC bot (multi servers/channels/users ..)

    It's a free software under GPL based on "ZC" classes from François Rocca : It's built with an XML architecture, it's wrote in C++ but user commandes are in ZCscript scripting langage.

    zcbot has already a lot of functions (more than 90 commandes): classic channel monitoring, DCC CHAT, SEND, plugins via HTTP or DCC CHAT, delayed actions etc..

    zcbot is design with and for GNU/Linux OS.

    [08/02/2002] News : ZCBOT 1.2.1
    The new version of ZCBOT :
    ZCBOT 1.2.1 source code
    ZCBOT 1.2.1 "What's new ?"

    New ZC forum : Web forum

    [04/10/2001] News : Documentation
    The official ZCBOT documentation in french :
    ZCBOT 0.9.4 documentation FR

    [20/07/2001] News : CVS
    The CVS is ready ! You can get the last version of zcbot from CVS with thoses 2 shell lines:
    cvs login
    cvs -z3 co zcbot